One Million Fund

At Traction Keys we believe in finding inspiration at every turn and supporting startups with all the needed resources to succeed.
From industry insights, tools, solutions, marketing, and sales to networking opportunities, we've got you covered.

We always asked ourselves: how can we better support the startup ecosystem within our region? After months of trial and error, talking with many VCs and startups, we found the answer:

We're launching the first Eastern European Venture Studio with a $1M Fund behind it. Not only that - we're also providing free services worth more than $1M to the ten startups we select.

What are we looking for?

10 Super Innovative Startups that would benefit not only from the funding we can provide but also from the services that include Product, Marketing, Recruitment, Legal, Sales, Value, and Strategy.

Startups should come with a clear tech industry focus and be mostly B2B. We accept some B2C depending on how innovative is the idea behind it.

What are we providing?

An average of $100k investment and $100k in services plus the support from an A-team of advisors, prior startup founders, and Venture Capital firms. 

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