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The 2023 - $1M Fund

We always asked ourselves: how can we better support the startup ecosystem within our region? After months of trial and error, talking with many VCs and startups, we found the answer:

We're launching the first Eastern European Venture Studio with a $1M Fund behind it. Not only that - we're also providing free services worth more than $1M to the ten startups we select.

What are we looking for?

  • 10 Super Innovative Startups that would benefit not only from the funding we can provide but also from the services that include Product, Marketing, Recruitment, Legal, Sales, Value, and Strategy

  • Startups should come with a clear tech industry focus and be mostly B2B. We accept some B2C depending on how innovative is the idea behind it.

What are we providing?

  • An average of $100k investment and $100k in services plus the support from an A-team of advisors, prior startup founders, and Venture Capital firms. 

Please write to us on LinkedIn or email us at:

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