We helped uinkits become a complete Figma design system.

Published in 2023.



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Uinkits is a powerful tool for UI/UX designers, offering a robust design system that enhances efficiency and creativity. Its well-thought-out strategy, cohesive brand design, intuitive UI/UX, comprehensive design and icon systems, and exemplary website make it an invaluable resource for the design community.

Strategy Behind Product Development

Uinkits was developed with the primary goal of streamlining the UI/UX design process. The team recognized the need for a comprehensive design system that could significantly reduce the time and effort required to create high-quality designs. By providing a vast library of pre-made components, styles, and interactive elements, Uinkits allows designers to focus more on creativity and less on repetitive tasks. This approach is designed to help designers and teams develop, test, and launch projects faster and more efficiently

Brand design

The branding of Uinkits revolves around simplicity and efficiency. The visual identity is clean and modern, reflecting the brand's commitment to providing streamlined and easy-to-use tools. The use of minimalistic design elements and a professional color palette ensures that the brand appeals to a wide range of designers, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

The UI/UX of Uinkits is meticulously crafted to provide an intuitive and seamless experience. The design system is built on Figma, incorporating Auto Layout 5.0 and smart variants to enhance usability. This setup allows for easy customization and ensures that all components are responsive and adaptable to different project needs. The focus on user experience is evident in the streamlined workflow, which reduces the time required to go from concept to final design​.

Design System

Uinkits offers a complete design system that includes over 23,000 UI components and interactive elements. This extensive library covers various design needs, from websites and dashboards to mobile applications. The design system is structured to be highly reusable and adaptable, enabling designers to maintain consistency across different projects. The system also supports dark mode transitions and provides a variety of global styles and component properties, making it a versatile tool for any design project.​

Icon System

The icon system in Uinkits is comprehensive, featuring over 5,200 icons across 16 categories. These icons are designed to be highly versatile, with options for duocolor, duotone, solid, and thin styles. The icons are integrated into the design system, allowing for easy implementation and customization within projects. This extensive icon library helps designers convey information quickly and effectively, enhancing the overall user experience​.


The Uinkits website is designed to be a showcase of its capabilities. It features professionally designed pages, including home pages, blog sections, and product pages, all created using the Uinkits design system. The website demonstrates the practical application of the kits, providing potential users with a clear understanding of what they can achieve. The user-friendly interface and efficient navigation further highlight the strengths of the Uinkits design philosophy​

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We helped uinkits become a complete Figma design system.

Published in 2024.

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